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Go from a random instagram account 

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  • ​step by step 5 minute videos to show you EXACTLY how to do everything
  • ​teachable classroom with everything you need that you can access anytime
  • ​learn our better bio strategy that shares what you do and who you help with followers
  • ​the way to make comments on posts so you don’t sound like a bot and get penalized
  • ​learn how to take photos and selfies look gallery worthy
  • ​how to go back in a time machine to make your feed look better!
  • wake up everyday knowing what you are going to post. Goodbye confusion!
YES, it is possible to grow your instagram! 

And it is even FUN if you know how it works.

Maybe you wake up and think “I need to post” but you are TOTALLY uninspired and have no idea what to post and your feed never looks quite like the pro instagram accounts. 

And even when you have a nice photo your feed looks random and all over the place?

Brand Your Instagram!
A step by step course for creatives and entrepreneurs on how to create a show stopping feed and pro bio and authentically connect with followers and get your posts shown.

 including modules on:







Step by step guide how to brand your instagram! 

Allows you to create a cohesive, branded instagram yourself!

So ALL your social media will be branded + pro.

Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body!

Step by step tech tutorials that show you how to use instagram like a pro. So you no longer have to spend hours googling everything and wondering how did they do that? We know not everyone is super techy so we show you the apps the pros use AND how to use them!
Our hashtag hack bundle teaches you the same method that companies use to create hashtag lists! It will allow you to effortlessly create lists specific to your industry. You will FINALLY understand how to use hashtags and with our system it will only take you a few SECONDS to post up to 30 hashtags. 
The BEST app to take flawless selfies, how to find the best light, the skinny lens we LOVE, posing secrets, makeup hacks from pro NYC makeup artists. Look great on camera in five minutes flat!

Gallery of 300+ professional flatlays for you to use on IG + in your social media. So you can look like a pro -- without ever even knowing what an f-stop or aperture is. This will save you time + money! 

Our mega content calendar will help you work instagram like a boss! If you don’t know what to post don’t worry--we got this! You will NEVER have to worry that you don’t know what to post again! And we don’t expect you to post everyday! 300 days of content is plenty!

Instead of being embarrassed and making excuses when you share your instagram with people, after taking our course you will feel giddy with excitement about your Instagram!

The best part--it saves you SOOOO much time because FINALLY you understand the step by step process the pros use to create a coherent feed and you ALWAYS know the next photo you want to post. 

So you can get back to running your business or spending time with your family with a smile on your face and an instagram that you love that takes you just a few minutes a day to manage.

The truth is, you can post everyday but if you don’t know these instagram secrets for getting your posts shown no one is even seeing your posts because instagram will bury your posts and never even show them to your followers. Understanding the IG metric for how they show your posts is more important today than ever if you want to grow and connect with clients on instagram.

We are KiR + JULiA

Co-founders of CLICKbranding - a boutique branding agency in NYC where we help you get photos and build a website that stands out online!

And creators of ‘’Brand Your Instagram’’ where teach you how to understand how to use instagram for your biz.

We are a photographer and brand expert team that helps entrepreneurs and creatives grow their instagram accounts.

We created a system that worked and then we taught it to 800 beta students--and it worked for them too.

Doing this CLICKbranding course was simply biz changing. It had all the content that I needed to supercharge my Instagram. They share tools that are easily do able and you see results right away. Don’t wait to sign up now!

- Beth Nydick

Julia and Kirstin are a dynamic duo that really put their heart and soul into this program to help others find their voice and make it shine through on Instagram. When I started “Brand Your Instagram” I didn’t even an account. I had no idea how to post or what to post to engage others interest in exactly what I do as a business. Now I know how to post, what to post, what hashtags to utilize and how to do stories just to name some of the initiatives that they cover.

They teach in such an easy to understand, down to earth way that even non techies can learn and follow through with exactly what needs to be done.

- Jeannette Ryals

Oh my goodness. This is so easy. Why have I waited so many years???? THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!! I AM IN LOVE!!!! You have, like, turned me into a junkie in 10 seconds flat. Amazing.
I just finished the Brand Your Instagram Course. I knew almost nothing about IG when I started this course, and had really intimidated to even get started posting and creating my IG. Julia and Kir led me step by step, with tips, tricks, hacks and solid advice on everything from creating my bio to what to post to how to do IG stories. With their friendly and approachable style, they showed us exactly what to do (and what not to do.) Goodbye confusion. Each week built upon the one before until we reached the end of the course. 

Now that I completed Brand Your Instagram, I know everything I need to create an IG that really represents my brand and my life, and I am excited to finally join the IG party!

-  Layne Lyons, JD

These are sample "before" and "after" photos from small business owners who took our course and implemented our Brand Your Instagram system.
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+ all the bonuses!

about Brand Your Instagram

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you purchase the course you have unlimited access to the course and the bonuses! You can take as much time as you want to get through the content.

I am so confused about the tech. Can your program help me?

So many of our students have difficulty with tech--so we made step by step tutorials of everything we teach! And they all LOVED how easy it made it.

I just started my Instagram account. Can you help me grow my followers?

We will give you our very best strategies so you can grow your instagram every single day!

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision to buy from CLICKbranding and that's why we're offering this bold "No Risk, No Stress, Try It" guarantee when you buy Brand Your Instagram. It's very simple. If you're not happy with a product you've purchased from us, we're going to make it right. 


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